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Overcoming Migraines in Plano with Chiropractic

November 2, 2018

OVERCOMING MIGRAINES IN Plano WITH CHIROPRACTIC If you are dealing with migraines in Plano then you know how frustrating they can be to deal with regularly. Everyone’s migraines are different in their own way but the common thread among them is the pain they impart. A single migraine is enough to throw a productive day…

Improving Your Well-Being in Plano

October 16, 2018

IMPROVING YOUR WELL-BEING IN Plano Over the course an year, hundreds of thousands of individuals sustain a back injury. Many of them make the visit to their local chiropractor, such as your chiropractor in Plano, in hopes of finding pain relief. The most common time of year where we see patients is in the spring.…

Three Injuries Chiropractors in Plano Treat

October 2, 2018

THREE INJURIES CHIROPRACTORS IN Plano TREAT Chiropractors in Plano are able to provide relief for a myriad of conditions. Moreover, they are able to provide care uniquely tailored to each patient that visits their clinic. Chiropractors understand that auto injuries may not present themselves for months after the initial accident, that an injury at work…

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor in Plano

September 16, 2018

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor in Plano 1. Opt for Prevention With their non-invasive techniques, Plano chiropractors help prevent stress from even beginning or from continuing. Minor injuries to any of our ligaments, muscles and/or tendons can severely hold us back from being completely active in our lives. Take any slight discomfort of your…

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Damage at Zero Miles an Hour

September 6, 2018

Damage at Zero Miles an Hour In the 18 years I have been in practice, technology has really changed and not to sound like an “old timer” but I’m not sure all the improvements in technology has enhanced our lives. Sure, some aspects of our lives have gotten easier but at what cost to our…

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Anxiety, Depression, Headaches?

September 6, 2018

Anxiety, Depression, Headaches? Chiropractic May Help! In October, an issue of the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a case study documenting the resolution of a patient suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, scoliosis and cluster headaches through Chiropractic care! The typical medical treatments for anxiety involve drugs. The problems and side effects with such medications…