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Nutritional Counseling – Functional Health Services



In a world with over-whelming amounts of information on what to eat that either contradicts each other or changes every five minutes, nutrition counseling can be important to sort out fact from fiction and create your best eating plan. At Global Chiropractic in Allen and Plano, TX, Dr. Michael Wojnicki & Dr. Melissa Shelton provide education and resources on healthy eating and help you determine your nutritional needs so you can create a well-balanced diet that improves your overall wellness. Obesity is the most obvious result of poor nutrition, but other problems like fatigue, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and other problems can be caused by bad eating choices and habits. Patients of all ages, shapes, and sizes can benefit from nutrition counseling with Dr. Wojnicki & Dr. Melissa Shelton at Global Chiropractic to reach their healthiest self. Before you buy another weight-loss book or join an expensive program, schedule an appointment at Global Chiropractic for personalized nutrition counseling that can be the key to your health.


We provide several services for nutritional health. First, we will meet with patients for an in-depth consultation. During this visit, the chiropractor may conduct a physical, and ask patients about their current diet. The following visit will include a review of all the lab results. Once all the questions and concerns are discussed, a nutrition plan will be created for the patient. The chiropractor will provide patients with educational materials that include both written documents and online resources. Handouts will also be provided with the following information: portion sizes, grocery plan, understanding food labels, suggested physical activity and healthy weight loss/gain.


As a result of healthy nutrition, the body is able to work to its full potential. Therefore, patients who improve their nutrition feel more energized and lower their risk of certain heart disease. Not only are there physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. Patients often report feeling more focused and have an improved attention span, and say that their mental clarity is great because it reduces stress and leads to higher productivity. This allows both adults and kids to fully enjoy those everyday activities they love. As adults age, good nutrition is especially important. Patients also report improvement to their allergies, asthma, skin conditions, and mood. Overall, eating healthy leads to a more vibrant life.


At our office, our dedicated team wants you to live your best life. That starts with proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet. If you are ready to take control of your nutritional health, we invite you to call our office and schedule a consultation today. We'll get you on the path towards living the best, healthy life you can so that you can feel better and perform better.