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Spinal X-rays for Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum, and Coccyx



Just like your dentist doesn't pull a tooth on a hunch, a chiropractor uses many tools to diagnose and assess each patient. At Global Chiropractic in Allen and Plano, TX, digital X-rays are taken and viewed in the office to help diagnose problems and create personalized treatment plan. Dr. Michael Wojnicki & Dr. Melissa Shelton typically have a series of X-rays taken during the patient's first visit and they will occasionally take more later to check progress or evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Spinal X-rays can give Dr. Wojnicki & Dr. Shelton a lot of information about your health, including fractures, infections, dislocations, bone spurs, defects, scoliosis, arthritis, weakness, congenital conditions, and more.


Spinal X-rays can be used to see a specific area of the spine or the overall picture.

Cervical (C-spine films): There are 7 cervical bones that make up the neck

Thoracic: There are 12 thoracic bones that make up the chest

Lumbosacral (LS-spine films): There are 5 lumbar bones that make up the lower back and 5 fused sacrum bones that make up the bottom of the spine

Sacrum/Coccyx: There are 5 fused sacrum bones that make up the bottom of the spine and 4 coccyx bones that make up the tailbone.


Before an X-ray, the chiropractor will ask you to remove any metal, like jewelry, before the X-rays are taken. Women who are or might be pregnant should let their chiropractor know so special precautions can be taken. Even though digital X-rays use much less radiation than traditional film X-rays, a lead apron or shield may still be put over you for protection. Typically, about 3 – 5 X-rays are taken with the patient in specific position, which takes about 15 minutes. Digital X-rays can be viewed immediately with the chiropractor so they can be used to assess the patient's health and create a treatment plan.


Allow your chiropractor to customize your treatment for your needs with digital spinal X-rays. In just 15 minutes, digital X-rays of the spine can help your chiropractor understand more about your areas of pain and discomfort or hidden problems.