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Spinal and Postural Screenings



Who taught you how to stand and walk? Did anyone or have you just been doing what feels natural your whole life. It seems silly, but many people need to learn how to stand and walk correctly. At Global Chiropractic in Allen and Plano, TX, Dr. Michael Wojnicki & Dr. Melissa Shelton perform spinal and posture screenings for patients of all ages to ensure they are properly aligned and balanced. Poor posture is a bad habit that can cause everything from minor discomfort to misshapen bones and chronic pain. During your spinal and posture screening, Dr. Wojnicki & Dr. Shelton will check for signs of concern, stress points, misalignments that might be causing health problems. After your screening, Dr. Wojnicki & Dr. Shelton will teach you how to keep your body in proper alignment that can improve your health.


A spinal and posture screening can be performed with many tools, including digital X-rays, physical exams, and visual assessment. The chiropractor may ask about any areas of stress or pain when at rest or when performing specific activities to help identify your specific problems during the screening.


During a spinal and posture screening, you will stand straight and still, then follow the instructions of the chiropractor to show your alignment, balance, range of motion, and flexibility. After the screening, the chiropractor will go over your results and discuss treatment plans that may include chiropractic care, special exercises, or lifestyle modifications. It's best to have another spinal and posture screening in a few months to check your progress.


Instead of waiting until a problem appears, be proactive with your health and schedule a spine and posture screening that can help you avoid future pain. A spine and posture screening can offer a lot of insight into your body, so get a screening today to improve your overall health and wellness.